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How to Keep Your Brain Young and Healthy


Young healthy brain

Getting dementia and Alzheimer’s does not have to be an accepted part of getting older. Your brain has an incredible ability to grow new brain cells and stay young as you age. Even if you’ve noticed you’re becoming forgetful, you can still increase brain cells and neurons. It isn’t hard to do, and you can start rebuilding brain cells and preserve the ones you have today.

Can Quercetin Help Protect Us From Deadly Viruses


Earth with Covid-19 mask


It’s that time of year again. The time when viruses of all kinds are spreading in schools, work, and at home. Some of these viruses can be annoying, while others can lead to dangerous health complications and worse. We try to stay healthy by taking vitamins and washing our hands, but we end up getting sick anyway. Quercetin might be one supplement that can help protect us from these viruses.

How Alcohol Weakens Your Immune System

immune system stops viruses

Many things can make you sick, and it is our immune system that fights these illnesses and keeps us healthy. Having a strong immune system is sometimes the only way to beat these diseases and stay healthy. It is not hard to have a strong immune system, but it doesn’t take much to weaken your immune system either.

How to Prevent Heart Attacks

Heart shape made with hands

Heart attacks are not something we think about until the day we start getting chest pains or our doctor tells us that we have the beginning of heart disease. The best way to prevent heart attacks in the future is to start preventing heart disease today. There are some smart and healthy lifestyle changes you can make to make yourself heart attack proof.

How to Build Muscle With a Plant-Based Diet

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One of the most asked plant-based questions is can you build muscle eating a plant-based diet. And the answer is yes, you can build muscle eating a plant-based diet. In fact, you will find that your energy level when exercising is at the best level it has ever been when you switch to a whole food plant-based diet. But you must make sure you eat the right plant-based foods and avoid the wrong ones.