Healthy Teas that Give You Energy and Mental Clarity

cup of green tea
Drinking tea is a great break from coffee and even though most tea contains caffeine, these teas will give you mental and physical energy without the jitters that you can get from coffee.

If you're tired of coffee but still want that physical and mental boost, the following teas will give you energy and health benefits.

How is the Loss of Nutrients in the Soil Affecting Our Health?

farmland aerial view

The nutrients in our soil have been decreasing over the past 50 years, causing the nutrients in our food to decrease, which affects our health. Farming of course is important to our lives and health, but farming is also big business. We all want lower food prices and with a growing population, we need more food grown. More food needs can also mean lower nutrients in the soil and our food.

Is Electronic Pollution Damaging Your Health

Photo by David Tribble

Electronic pollution is also known as electromagnetic pollution and can cause health problems. As more and more electronic gadgets are bought, charged and plugged in, the more we are surrounded by electronic pollution. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) is a new medical term that is used for people that are known to have health issues from electronic pollution, while others are susceptible to electromagnetic hypersensitivity and don’t realize it.

So many of the products we use daily emit an electromagnetic field that can disrupt our body’s own electrical waves. Products like cell phones, alarm clocks, laptops, computers, power lines, cell phone towers, electrical appliances, wifi and baby monitors. There are tools on the market that can tell you if your home or office is over the safety limit and tools and tips that can greatly reduce your daily exposure to electronic pollution.

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Is a Raw Food Diet the Right Diet For You

raw vegetables
Sometimes called the living food diet, the raw food diet is a way of eating for many people. Recently, celebrities have touted the health benefits of eating only raw foods. Actually, the idea of eating only raw food goes back to the early 19th century. But, is eating raw foods every day actually that healthy for us?