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Quick and Easy Whole Food Plant-Based Meal Ideas

couple cooking plant based meal

If you’re new to eating a plant-based diet, you’re probably wondering what everyone eats and how to make plant-based meals. There is such a huge choice of healthy foods to choose from, it can be overwhelming. At first, it is best to find meals you really like and keep them simple. Here are some quick and easy plant-based meal ideas for you.

Why It's So Hard to Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

healthy lifestyle changes and sunrise

Most of us realize that sooner or later we have to make some healthy lifestyle changes. Our doctor tells us, our kids tell us, our parents tell us, and we tell ourselves. But it seems so hard to change our diet and our way of life. Learn why it’s so hard and you can easily make those healthy lifestyle changes today.

What Is the Best Diet to Prevent Cancer

prevent cancer awareness ribbon

If there was a pill you could take every day to prevent cancer, would you take it. You would say yes. Would you take a pill that could kill cancer cells, of course, you would. There is no pill, but there is a diet that you can eat that has been proven to reduce your risk of getting cancer and kill cancer cells. Find out what the best diet to prevent cancer is.

How to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau

standing on a scale with a weight loss plateau
You have finally changed your diet to a healthier way of eating, and you’re starting to lose weight and feel better. And then all of a sudden you stop losing weight, you might even start gaining weight again. You have hit the dreaded weight loss plateau. Learn how to break through a weight-loss plateau while continuing to eat a plant-based diet.

Why You Should Avoid Vegan Junk Foods

vegan junk food burger
Being a vegan is about animal rights and the health of the planet. But shouldn’t vegans also care about their own health just as much. If you end up in bad health because of poor food choices, how can you continue to fight for animal rights and the planet? You will be amazed at how much better you feel and how many animals you can save when you avoid vegan junk foods.