The 7 Best Fat Burning Foods

Chili peppers
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It is a myth that there are actually foods that will burn fat by themselves. But certain foods can boost your metabolism and help your body burn off that excess fat. By incorporating these fat burning foods into your daily diet along with any exercise, you will notice a difference and start to lose the excess fat.

Foods that Raise Your Metabolism

No food actually burns fat, but certain foods can boost our metabolism which in turn will cause us to store less fat. When you combine fat burning foods with gaining muscle, you will burn more fat.

Leptin is the hormone in our body that tells us when we are full and to stop eating. Processed foods, empty calories and being overweight can disrupt the proper function of leptin and cause leptin resistance. Fat burning foods can help leptin function properly which helps with fat burning. Here are the best fat burning foods.

Chili Peppers

Chili peppers like cayenne and jalapenos are one of the best fat burning foods. Chili peppers contain capsaicin which can increase the metabolism by as much as 25%. You can also add red chili flakes to food.

Green Tea

Green tea is the best fat burning beverage to drink throughout the day, hot or cold. Green tea contains caffeine and tea catechins which can increase the activity of the central nervous system causing more calories to be burned. Tea catechins have properties that can reduce the size of fat cells preventing obesity. If you don’t like green tea, you can drink yerba mate tea, which is also great for fat burning.


Salmon, tuna and other cold water fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids and can raise your metabolism and are considered fat burning foods. These high omega-3 foods can reduce leptin resistance helping you to lose weight.


Turmeric is not only a great for anti-inflammation and anti-cancer food; it is also a great fat burning food. Turmeric boosts thermogenesis which leads to increased fat burning. Turmeric also detoxifies the liver and the liver is the most important organ for fat burning. Ginger being related to turmeric is also a good fat burning food.


Turkey is low in fat and high in protein and one of the best fat burning foods. Calories are energy, and it takes more energy to digest protein than it does to digest fat or carbohydrates.

Pomegranates and Berries

Pomegranates and berries contain an antioxidant called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins can limit the number of fat cells a person forms. These fat burning foods could be a very important part of a teens diet as the number of fat cells can increase during these years.


A recent study found that those who ate yogurt before a meal while dieting lost 81% more belly fat than people that didn’t eat yogurt. Look for real Greek yogurt like Fage or Greek Gods brands. Yogurt also improves the digestive system.

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